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Nature Coast Kayak Fishers Club

Gary Rankel, from Hernando, Florida, launched his kayak fishing club and website in 2015. Since then, his website has become a useful source of information about fishing Nature Coast and Citrus County, kayak fishing techniques and rigging tips, the Nature … Continue reading

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Kayak Fishing and Old Age

Kayak fishing and old age? Typically, the two aren’t closely associated one the other, since kayaks, including fishing kayaks, are notoriously unstable and uncomfortable, and not a fishing platform deemed suitable for the older, wiser angler, especially ones that can afford fishing from real boats… Inevitably, old age is associated with a variety of physical problems that affect the angler’s ability to fish from kayaks. Among others, seniors may suffer from an impaired sense of balance, and be more sensitive to back problems, including pain, sciatica, etc. This is true for leg problems as well.
Elderly anglers are usually less athletic than young ones, and some of them have considerable weight issues. Furthermore, being exposed to cold weather, cold water, and wetness in general, is not necessarily recommended for older people, whose ability to withstand hardships inflicted by the elements is reduced, compared to younger people’s ability.
For all these reasons, seniors seldom fish from kayaks, and rightfully so. Continue reading

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