Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak – Why, What, and How

Let’s face it – being a senior kayak angler can also mean that you’re not in the best shape, and you either don’t feel like, or are physically incapable of paddling long distances.
This leaves you with a rather limited range of operation in terms of fishing, and could get frustrating, at times, as well as hazardous, in case bad weather or a strong, fast current prevent you from getting back to the spot from which you had launched your kayak.
Another way to look at it is saying that time is fishing, and you don’t necessarily want to spend your precious time paddling to your favorite fishing hole, if you can get there faster, and back from there without cutting your fishing trip short.
Pedal driven fishing kayaks fail to offer any true solution, which leaves you with the option to motorize your kayak, and a series of questions about the technical feasibility of such project, how much you’d need to invest, safety, utility, and much more.
In many cases, an electric trolling motor can do the trick for you, and in other cases it won’t, and you could find yourself disappointed and frustrated, and wishing for more power and speed, a longer range of operation, and less weight. This is where outfitting your fishing kayak with an outboard gas engine becomes a solution worth considering, but there’s only one kayak out there that’s suitable for this type of project.
To learn more, this article about motorized fishing kayaks discusses these issues in breadth and in depth.
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Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak – A New Approach

Electric trolling motors are not always useful, especially when the battery goes flat, and you find yourself a long way from your launching spot, and having to paddle your fishing kayak back against wind and/or current, with a heavy batter on board. On top of that, a propeller tends to get entangled in fishing lines and seaweed, as well as get stuck in underwater obstacles, especially in shallow water, where you happen to like to go fishing with your kayak…

Small, 2 cycle outboard gas motors tend to be unreliable, and difficult to start, and they are particularly stinky, and often excessively noisy. Such motors are problematic as well, when taking your fishing kayak in shallow water is concerned.

Needless to say that one doesn’t get stronger with age, and many elderly anglers find they can’t go fishing from kayaks because they lack the strength needed to paddle long distances and in adverse conditions, such as against the wind, or current.

Such senior kayak anglers may be interested by a new approach to motorizing fishing kayaks and other small craft, which involves a gas engine producing a powerful stream of air, rather than rotating a propeller in the water. In addition, the motor used is a modern, 4-cycle (4 stroke) engine that’s easy to start, easy to maintain, requires no mixing of oil and fuel, does not create stinky and nauseating fumes, and is quieter – all of this without being heavier than a 2 stroke engine of the same size:

You can keep paddling while this motor is running, and providing your fishing kayak with extra power. There’s no need to hold the tiller (steering handle) if you’re going forward, and you can use your paddle for steering, and make occasional adjustments in the tiller’s position.

The new motor setup is lightweight enough to allow for you to cartop your fishing kayak, and most importantly, this setup is using a converted backpack leaf blower that costs $200, so it wouldn’t be very expensive to rig your fishing kayak with one.