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Elderly Couple Fishing Offshore, In Tandem Out Of Their Motorized Fishing Kayak. December, South Korea

This is a most unusual, yet most revealing story. It says a lot about kayak anglers and the sacrifices some of them are willing to make for their love of fishing. It also shows that propelling fishing kayaks with outboard … Continue reading

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How To Teach Children To Paddle A Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing by yourself can be a pain, or a great joy, depending on which kayak you choose, and how you use it. Having children on board can be a problem and a hassle, or an even greater joy than … Continue reading

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70 Year Old Kayak Angler With Back and Leg Problems: “The Boat For Me”..

I’m 6’-3”; 235 lbs. I have back and weak leg problems that will keep me from safely balancing in the standing position, let alone jumping up and down. Sitting, I can go all day! (at 70 yrs old that’s probably … Continue reading

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Seniors Paddling a Fishing Kayak in Tandem – Fishing Kayak Review

Normally, kayakers have less power to spend on paddling as they get older, and their sense of balance is usually not as good as it was in their younger days. This makes paddling kayaks in tandem more of a challenge … Continue reading

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When A Connecticut River looks Like the Everglades…

Here’s another movie from Rox, the bass yak angler from Connecticut: Note how she paddles her fishing kayak over a fallen tree. Continue reading

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