Senior Florida Kayak Angler Lands Trophy Bass

Congratulations to Wayne Taylor on his catch! A lunker bass by any standard. Wayne was the first to outfit a W fishing kayaks with oars and outriggers.
Kayak angler shows huge bass he caught from his fishing kayak
Watch Wayne kayak fishing from his 2006 W300 fishing kayak:


Kayak Fly Fishing Master Man

Craig Masterman is a kayak fly angler from New England, who’s been fishing out of a W fishing kayak for years. He currently fly fishes from a W500 kayak.

Craig likes to fly fish in salt water, mainly in Cape Cod, and in Florida. He even took his W kayak down to Florida, in his pickup truck.

Craig’s kayak fly fishing blog is called Waiting To Fly Fish, and it should be interesting to visit for all fly anglers, especially those who consider fly fishing from kayaks.

This is what Craig has to say about his W fly fishing kayak:

“What I know is, that I cannot ever remember being so favorably impressed by any product, of any kind, as I have by the Wavewalk W500 kayak. Part of that has to do with my passion for saltwater fly fishing and the degree to which the “W” has enriched my fly fishing experience…. -I find that I have to consciously temper my enthusiasm for the boat whenever I share its virtues with other fly fishers. I am constantly explaining that I am simply a satisfied customer of Wavewalk, and not a sales rep. Not yet, anyway. This is a boat with a design that is so beautifully simple and so inherently adapted to stand-up paddle fishing…” etc.

Craig has also developed his own fly fishing setup for the kayak, and shows it on his blog.