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Elderly Couple Fishing Offshore, In Tandem Out Of Their Motorized Fishing Kayak. December, South Korea

This is a most unusual, yet most revealing story. It says a lot about kayak anglers and the sacrifices some of them are willing to make for their love of fishing. It also shows that propelling fishing kayaks with outboard … Continue reading

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Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak – Why, What, and How

Let’s face it – being a senior kayak angler can also mean that you’re not in the best shape, and you either don’t feel like, or are physically incapable of paddling long distances. This leaves you with a rather limited … Continue reading

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Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak – A New Approach

Electric trolling motors are not always useful, especially when the battery goes flat, and you find yourself a long way from your launching spot, and having to paddle your fishing kayak back against wind and/or current, with a heavy batter … Continue reading

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