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“The W500 Rules the Water!” Says Kayak Angler With Fibromyalgia and Sciatica

Neither the fibromyalgia nor the sciatica that Rox suffers from would stop her from fishing for stripers (striped bass) in her W fishing kayak, which she outfitted with an outboard motor, so that she could cover more distance. Rox fishes … Continue reading

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Kayak Fishing in The Midwest? You Bet!

Everyone knows that people living in the Midwest love to fish, and that the Midwest offers some the best fishing in America, and possibly in the world… Yeah, but… Midwest anglers haven’t fallen for the kayak fishing hype, and they … Continue reading

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Urban Kayak Fishing – Get The Lunker Lurking Nearby

John Fabina, from Brew City Kayaks, Wisconsin, found the formula for getting the big ones without traveling long distance for it. Says John:

-“Big bass like this lurk in lakes that receive little fishing pressure. Boats and regular kayaks are not able to reach these types of water that the Wavewalk can access. I am able to maneuver over objects such as bogs and logs and tight spots. Being able to stand also comes in handy while looking for fish and pockets in shallow water. I find these fish factories by checking satellite photos and maps. The Wavewalk kayak does the rest. It is not surprising that these lakes, ponds and streams hold quality fish. The amazing part is that they can be so close to urban areas.”

As simple as that!

First step: Intelligence and Reconnaissance,

Second step: Just owning the right fishing kayak, and knowing how to use it.

And if you think it’s just an urban myth, go to John’s blog, and watch the video of the big largemouth bass he caught this way! Continue reading

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Bassmaster Bass Fishing Tournament Commented by Florida Kayak Angler

This is an interesting perspective on the famous Bassmaster Bass Fishing Tournament: Jeff McGovern is a kayak fisherman from Florida who normally fishes in saltwater, but he also fishes in fresh water. Jeff joined some of the Bass Fishing Pros as a Bassmaster Marshall, and spend a few days with them on their fancy, super expensive, and very fast bass boats. He wrote a series of commentaries on his kayak fishing blog, named Jeff’s Tackle Box, and I’d like to recommend reading it. Continue reading

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Senior Florida Kayak Angler Lands Trophy Bass

Congratulations to Wayne Taylor on his catch! A lunker bass by any standard. Wayne was the first to outfit a W fishing kayaks with oars and outriggers. Watch Wayne kayak fishing from his 2006 W300 fishing kayak:  

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