Kayak Fishing Articles

Here’s a directory of great kayak fishing related articles:

Too Much Storage In A Fishing Kayak… This a funny article!

What Is kayak Back Pain, And What Does It Mean For You? Excellent, in-depth discussion of a painful subject – literally!

Paddle vs. Pedal Drive in Common Fishing Kayaks A landmark article, if I may say so about an aquatic subject.

Resting in Your Fishing Kayak – Don’t Fall Asleep!

More Storage Than Any Other Kayak: The W500 Resting is important, as well as stretching, especially when you’re spending long hours paddling and fishing in your kayak.

Some Practical Advice About Rigging Your Fishing Kayak Practical indeed, and useful – a must read, IMO.

Kayak Fishing Safety: Is It safe To Paddle An Uncomfortable Kayak, And Fish From It? It’s not safe, of course, and you’d better read this article and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Kayak Fishing in Icy Water Only if you live in a northern region…

Stretching in Your Kayak to Relief Fatigue and Pain, and Improve Circulation Yep – stretching and resting are both important for kayak anglers…

Stand Up Kayak Fishing and Paddling – For Real I always find it absurd that so many kayak manufacturers insist on claiming they offer kayaks that are fit for stand up paddling and fishing, when it’s so obvious they’re not.

Fishability – How Fishable Are Fishing Kayaks? Fishability: The quality of being practical and effective for the purpose of fishing.

How to Save Money When Buying a Fishing Kayak Amazingly, kayak fishing began as a cheap alternative to fishing from bigger, motorized boats, but it’s become a pretty expensive activity.

Rigging Your W-Kayak With a Milk Crate – Is it Necessary? Bottom line: It’s not, if you have the right fishing kayak.

Lures for Bass Kayak Fishing By Roxanne Davis, my favorite kayak fishing author  🙂

Range of Motion and Protection From the Fish – Kayak Comparison By Jeff McGovern, the kayak fishing guru.

Casting From A W Fishing Kayak Compared To Casting From Sit-In and SOT Fishing Kayaks By Jeff McGovern. Super interesting observations!

How Effective Can Fishing Kayaks’ Outriggers Be? Outriggers are becoming increasingly popular with kayak anglers. Good analysis of this issue.

What Makes The W Kayak The Stablest Fishing Kayak? You don’t know what kayak stability is if you haven’t read this article.

Are SOT Kayaks Safe For Offshore Fishing? Not really, if you ask me, and this article explains it in detail.

Kayak Fishing Standing – And What If? (Stuff Happens) Obviously, you can’t fish seriously while you’re trying to stand in a sit-in kayak, or on the deck of a SOT kayak.

About Rudders and Fishing Kayaks Everybody hates rudders, except the outfitters that sell them…

Saltwater Fishing Gear Maintenance, by Jeff McGovern. Super useful stuff!

Kayak Fishing With Children Everything you wanted to know about this subject.

Stability in Fishing Kayaks – Problems and Solutions Instability is the rule in small craft, especially in kayaks. It is also a major issue in kayak fishing.

How to Choose a Fishing Kayak That’s Best For You The best article ever written on this subject.

Catching Big Fish From a Kayak Some smart tricks that can help you catch a big fish without getting exhausted, and without getting carried away too far.

Paddling and Kayak Fishing in Cold Water and Weather Important read for those who live up north.

The Wet Ride – Problem and Solutions Some kayak anglers say they don’t mind being wet for hours while sitting in their kayaks. I don’t believe them, and neither should you, IMO.

Fishing Standing in a Kayak Same subject as the other article on this list.

Kayak Fishing As It Should Be Interesting article, and very comprehensive. Talks about the kayak fishing promise vs. the reality of kayak fishing.

Problems and Solutions In Kayak Fishing Similar to the previous article, but covers somehow different issues, and from different angles.

Kayak Fishing in Shallow Water Shallow water are great for fishing – if you have the right kayak…

Common Kayak Fishing Myths, Tales and Hype Big article, and sometimes funny to read.

Thrust in Electric Trolling Motors for Fishing Kayak The only article on the web that clearly explains what thrust and horsepower are, what’s the difference between them, and why it’s important for kayak anglers to know that.

An All Around Spinning Outfit by Jeff McGovern. A classic!

Topwater Fishing by Jeff McGovern. Another classic!  😀

What To Carry On Board by Jeff McGovern. A must read for every kayak angler.

Two Fishing Knots by Jeff McGovern. Cited many times on the web.

Kayak Fishing From the Mounted (Riding) Position Very interesting, especially in you’re lucky to own a W kayak.

Southern Kayak Fishermen’s Complaints Believe it or not, southern kayak anglers face some problems too  🙂

Headwind and Sidewind – Paddling in Strong Wind Without a Rudder Getting caught in strong wind while you’re out there paddling, or fishing can be a problem – or not.

The Yak Back – What Your Fishing Kayak Shouldn’t Do To You The biggest problem that kayak anglers have to face, and the biggest turnoff in kayak fishing as well as in kayaking in general.

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