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How To Teach Children To Paddle A Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing by yourself can be a pain, or a great joy, depending on which kayak you choose, and how you use it. Having children on board can be a problem and a hassle, or an even greater joy than … Continue reading

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All About Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak

Well, I can’t say I know much about motorizing fishing kayaks, but I do have some observations to make: The first is that electric motors (AKA Trolling Motors) don’t seem to cut it. In other words, whether you carry a … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing From a Kayak

Yeah, sure – as if it was possible.. Some kayak manufacturers keep stating that their yaks are suitable for fly fishing, and by that they mean you can stand up and fish from them in confidence. Bull! I don’t buy … Continue reading

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Scratches in Your Fishing Kayak’s Hull

Your kayak’s hull can get scratched from coming in contact with oyster bars, shells, sharp rocks, glass, metal, and concrete. Those scratches are insignificant in most cases. In order to avoid getting your kayak scratched you should watch out for … Continue reading

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