Sensible Kayak Angler – New Kayak Fishing Magazine

‘Sensible’ isn’t exactly what most people who practice fishing think about fishing out of a kayak. After all, not too many anglers practice kayak fishing, since it’s considered by most to be an extreme form of fishing, in the sense that fishing out of one of those SOT, sit-in, and hybrid kayaks just isn’t stable, comfortable or dry enough for most anglers to consider as being acceptable – or sensible.
But there’s also a type of kayak fishing that is safer, feels better, and it is also more practical. Sensible Kayak Angler is a magazine about fishing from kayaks that are more stable, don’t cause back pain, whose handling and use does not involve the hassle and discomfort commonly associated with with this sport.

Stability, ergonomics, and other problems are among the subjects discussed in the new kayak fishing magazine, and the more light shed on these subjects, the better, especially when elderly anglers are concerned, since they are both less capable of enjoying inadequate kayaks, and less willing to do so than the average kayak angler is.

New Content, New Look For Fishing Kayaks Magazine

It’s one of the first fishing kayak websites, and it just got a makeover that makes it worthwhile revisiting: Fishing Kayaks For The Northern Kayak Angler

It contains unique articles, such as the one that offers some sensible practical rigging advice that’s so hard to find these days, and everything you wanted to know about kayak fishing in cold water and weather.

How To Read A Fishing Kayak Review?

Tough question indeed.

Moreover, why should you even bother to read that fishing kayak review in the first place?
There are so many fishing kayak reviews out there, in websites, online forums, and in print, and we’re supposed to read them all and make something out of it.
Well, I say it’s not serious.

To begin with, you should assign zero credibility to anything you read, whether online or in print, unless both author and publisher have done everything possible to come clear as far as their identity and intentions are concerned. Anyone publishing anything carries the burden of proof as far as the credibility of the stuff they publish goes. I say if it doesn’t look right, it ain’t right. Period.

Once you’re past that threshold, you can look and see if that fishing kayak review is interesting or meaningful to you in any way. Chances are it’s not that informative, and lacks relevance for you, although you may be able to learn something from it, as far as a particular issue goes.

So, if you want to know how to begin looking for fishing kayak reviews and parsing all the stuff (sorry, I meant to say BS) the Internet would throw at you, here’s a link to your guide to fishing kayak reviews >>

All About Motorizing Your Fishing Kayak

Well, I can’t say I know much about motorizing fishing kayaks, but I do have some observations to make:

The first is that electric motors (AKA Trolling Motors) don’t seem to cut it. In other words, whether you carry a heavy deep cycle battery, or spend a ton of money on a high-tech system with a Li-On battery, you’re going to be limited to short fishing trips. I know some  kayak anglers who simply stopped using their electric trolling motor systems because of this.

The second observation is that American anglers are still in love with outboard gas motors, simply because they’ve learned to rely on them for long fishing trips. Nothing beats gasoline as far as storing energy is concerned, and also when it comes to firepower – literally: Gas delivers more horsepower than electric batteries do. Period.

Third, not too may people appreciate paddling long distances just to get to a fishing hole. Many prefer to get there faster than paddling or pedaling allows them, and they prefer spending time fishing than paddling… AND not too many people seem to like big motorboats that demand a trailer, and launching ramp, and lots of cash to spend on maintenance, fuel etc…

Ideally, there would be a motorboat that’s small and lightweight enough to car top, comfortable and dry enough for long hours of boating and fishing, stable enough for stand up fishing, mobile enough for launching anywhere… but I’m just wasting my time here, and my readers’ as well, since such thing DOES exist, as you, dear reader, are welcome to see for yourself:

Amazing, isn’t it?
It doesn’t necessarily mean that an outboard motor would fit your fishing kayak – It won’t, unless you own a W500. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that if you own a W500 you’d want to outfit it with an outboard gas engine – Chances are you’d be satisfied with an electric trolling motor, or just paddling! 🙂
Anyways, since you probably have many questions unanswered by this blog post, here’s a serious article on the subject of motorizing your fishing kayak >>