No Issues of Any Back Problems and Numbing Pain At Last! Just Awesome

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

The launch was excellent! No feet were wet in the process. I brought the rod just in case. Stability was awesome! I started to stand after I got used to the W sitting. Little tricky at first because it was very windy the day I first launched….But I found that U plant and hug your feet more toward centerline (toward seat column) rather than the outside edges. This tactic is ideal in the standing position which then was a breeze. No issues of any back problems & numbing pain at last! Just awesome.
Oh, BTW, two guys wrapping up there bass boat were curious about my boat. I told them it was called Wavewalk. They said that my boat looks more comfortable than those other kayaks. I replied, that’s why I purchased it. And another guy commented about it as well. Those are the first tangible people that I came across during first launch…& already nothing but good news.
Brought the rod with me at first launch just in case. No kidding….2nd cast with a Yozuri crankbait plug….bam the fish was on. Large mouth Bass it is…he said the boat looked pretty good…and I said thank U very much…& in the water for a second life!!
Ok tight lines for sure. I gotta get set up my W for Opening Day at my local Rod & Gun Club for Saturday. It is called Ranger Lake Rod & Gun in the borough known as Egypt which is in Whitehall, PA.


Herniated Lumbar Disk, Back Pain, and Long Kayak Fishing Trips

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.
This is part of a fishing kayak review combined with a fishing trip report published on the Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks blog, and on the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing forum:

I bought a Wavewalk kayak  in anticipation of using it for fishing the flooded grass because of the ease of standing in it and also because my lower back had been bothering me after long trips in my [15 ft long SOT fishing kayak]. Since then I’ve actually herniated a lumbar disk and was out of commission for 6 weeks, but although I’m functional now using the [15 ft long SOT fishing kayak] is out of the question in the near future.
I finally got to try out the W for what I bought it for.  We had flood tides over the weekend and I was anxious to pole the boat around the flooded spartina grass in search of tailing red fish.
I was not disappointed, it performed flawlessly.
It poles very easily in the grass, the view is great standing, and there is nearly no balancing effort for standing in it. I actually put a board across the top of the seat and poled standing on top of that. The view there is about 12″ above the water and the perspective that gives you hunting for tails is incredible.
I’ve also used the boat for some short trips fishing, and find that it’s a great little boat to fish out of because it allows you to be in so many positions while fishing and you never feel the need to get out and stretch or get the numbness out of your butt.
The Wavewalk is a keeper in my kayak herd now and for the near future will probably be the only boat I’ll be able to go out in. It’s nice and compact, stores a lot of stuff easily and keeps it dry, plus allows those of us with non cooperating bodies to fish more comfortably.
I’m also looking forward to staying nice and dry and warm fishing out of it this winter. This is a great boat to own even if my back wasn’t part of the reason I bought it.


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Note: To review featuring on Wavewalk’s blog does not reveal the mentioned SOT fishing kayak’s name and brand, but if you’re interested to know what it is, you’ll find the info in the Jacksonville Kayak Fishing forum version.

Wavewalk 500 Review by Arizona Kayak Angler Back Pain

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

This is fishing kayak review that appeared on the Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks blog:

I have been looking for a kayak or canoe that fits my needs for quite a while.
I love the sport, and find it a relaxing and useful mode of transportation. However, as I get “older” I found that the body does not necessarily wants to do everything my mind wants to do. I am 65 years old, 5’9” and 190 lbs having had back surgery a few years ago.
The hours on end I used to spend paddling along the coast, around lakes and down rivers looking for thinks to photograph, enjoying the views or drowning some worms became a painful experience after half an hour of sitting in a common fishing kayak in the infamous “L” position.
I could not find a comfortable position and after about one hour I could not get out of the kayak in a graceful manner (actually I had to roll out on the dirt) and was unable to straighten for several hours.
I had to either stop doing what I enjoy, or find a different way to do it.
After a lot of web surfing I found Wavewalk kayaks website and was intrigued by the new design and its claim of ergonomic delights. I was disappointed that there were no dealers or a place where I could actually try it (or even see one,) other than in pictures and You-Tube videos, but my back kept screaming to try it and get my mind off my back, literally, so I called Yoav and ordered a W500.
As soon as it arrived, I went to one of the lakes north of Tucson, AZ and gave it a try. The lake was very busy with many motor boats so the water was choppy with lots of wakes. The W handled well and although at times felt a bit unstable, after getting used to it, it became easier to handle and I enjoyed the outing.

The following weekend I made a trip to San Diego and took the W kayak with me to give it a more thorough workout. In the calm water of Mission Bay it felt a lot more stable and easier to handle. I paddled the kayak for several hours without discomfort to my back.
I went camping in a long and narrow lake in the northern mountains of Arizona. I loaded it with a lot of camping equipment, water, food, etc for a 4-day trip, which was too much, and the overloaded W kayak was riding too low on the water, and felt unstable. So the following day, with an unloaded and lighter W kayak, I was able to paddle 14 miles in it and for about 6 hours, including breaks, side trips, etc. without discomfort, something I have not been able to do in other kayaks.
I am using and enjoying the W kayak very much. It is fun to be able to spend long hours on a kayak again and do the things I enjoy such as photography, fishing and sightseeing in the water. Overall, I am happy with the W.

Jose paddling standing in his fishing kayak, Mission Bay, San Diego
View of Arizona river – Photo taken from Jose’s fishing kayak

Stand Up Fishing Kayak, and the Benefits of Stretching for Your Back

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

All fishing kayaks today are either sit-in or SOT kayaks, which means they’re neither stable enough for true stand up fishing, nor comfortable and ergonomic for long fishing trips.
Wavewalk’s patented concept is very different, and stable enough to allow a regular angler to practice kayak fishing standing in confidence and more more safely that in any other kayak, including those featuring outriggers.
Furthermore, the W500 allows for witching paddling and fishing positions, resting and even stretching, as this demo movie shows:

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