Kayak Fishing and Old Age – The Comfort Factor in Fishing Kayaks

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

Here’s a new report about an elderly kayak angler from Florida who couldn’t keep fishing from any type of kayak, because he felt too uncomfortable. In other words, he felt pain – back pain, butt pain, leg pain etc.

This angler used to own a couple of fancy pedal driven fishing kayaks that boasted various ‘ergonomic solutions’, but those expensive kayaks only made him sore and miserable.
Finally he sold all his other kayaks, and got himself a W500, and since then he can go on long kayak fishing trips, and even participate in demanding kayak fishing tournaments.

The question is, how many more people are there in his situation? – Middle aged and senior kayakers and anglers, who just won’t take the physical abuse involved in paddling SOT kayaks and traditional kayaks, and fishing from them…

Kayak Fishing USA Magazine

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

Kayak Fishing USA Magazine is a new online publication, sponsored by Wavewalk Fishing Kayaks.
The magazine is still in its initial phase, offering fishing reviews and kayak fishing stories classified by region: Northeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest, Texas and Southeast.

Interestingly, the recurring theme in many of the reviews is ergonomics. In other words, kayak anglers nationwide have problems adapting to pain and discomfort generated by old fashion sit-in and SOT fishing kayaks. Many of these anglers quit fishing from kayaks and go back to fishing from shore, or from full-size boats.

Those who switch from traditional fishing kayaks to W fishing kayaks seem to have found the solution that enables them to paddle and fish comfortably, without feeling premature fatigue, leg numbness and pain, butt pain, and a sore back.

Naturally, different kayak anglers appreciate different things in their kayaks, and the consequently, the reviews focus on different aspects of the reviewer’s kayak fishing experience. Kayak anglers in their teens and twenties seem rather unaware of serious ergonomic issues, and like paddling and fishing standing, but the older the kayak angler gets the more they seem to appreciate comfort in its broadest sense.

Kayak Angler’s Reflexions on Kayak Fishing, Old Age, and Sore Backs

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

The following paragraph is taken from a new kayak fishing trip report written by Florida kayak angler Jeff McGovern:

A really remarkable thing that struck me about this whole day was the comfort we had fishing from these boats.  None of us are young men –I am the youngest at 55, both Ed and Gary are the 70 year old range.  Between us there have been back issues ranging from simple sciatic problems to major surgeries.  To a man, the W500 is a boat we could use easily and comfortable.  In any other fishing kayaks, our range would not have been as great and there would have been many more stops to get out for unkinking.  This trip was only the start.  There will be many more to come, fishing the waters off  Florida’s west coast in the world’s most comfortable and fishable paddle craft.”

The important point is that elderly kayak anglers may be more aware of health problems, including back pain, leg pain etc., as they’ve had more opportunities to experience such problems, but young kayak anglers and paddlers should be aware of those things as well, since sooner or later they will experience them to some extent.

That is to say that prevention is the best cure, and if you feel uncomfortable paddling a sit-in or SOT kayak or fishing from such a kayak, it’s basically because it’s not a well designed watercraft, and sooner or later it would make you feel worse: Those things don’t just go away by themselves, and more padding in your seat and below your knees may provide you with a momentary illusion of relief, but they can’t and won’t solve your problem.

Read Jeff’s entire kayak fishing report

Old Kayak Anglers and New Fishing Kayaks

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

Most people over a certain age suffer from back pain and leg pain when they go kayak fishing, or just paddling. The older we get, the more difficult it becomes for us to paddle kayaks and fish from them. The main issue is comfort, obviously, but stability is another key factor.

Problems like sciatica, poor circulation in the legs, and fatigue are more common among old people.

Old age restricts our ability to withstand the effect of kayaks’ poor ergonomic design. We feel the discomfort and pain more quickly and for a longer time, and it takes us a longer time to recover. Sometimes we simply have to quit paddling kayaks and kayak fishing altogether.

Here are some fishing kayak reviews from elderly kayak anglers, who tell how the new, patented W fishing kayak help them overcome their physical problems, and fish comfortably:

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