Senior Kayak Angler is a blog for people who love fishing but would accept neither the lack of stability, comfort and storage, nor the back pain, wetness, restricted range of motion, and difficulty when launching and beaching that are associated with common fishing kayaks.
We maintain that Kayak fishing should be pure fun from beginning to end of every fishing trip. The fun should start even before you begin your fishing trip: Your kayak should be lightweight and easy to car top, and not some huge, heavy and cumbersome barge like most SOT and other fishing kayaks are.
Launching your kayak should be a breeze, and there is no reason for you to get your feet wet while launching, even if you do it at the beach.
Paddling your kayak and fishing out of it should be a dry experience from start to finish, regardless of water condition and weather. Your kayak should provide you with good protection from the elements.
Your kayak should not hurt your back, or cause any other discomfort to you. It should allow you freedom of movement, standing up easily and safely whenever you want, as well as paddling standing and fishing from this position without feeling unstable or insecure.
Your kayak should track well and be easy to steer without ever needing a rudder.
Your kayak should offer you a big, dry storage space that’s easily accessible to you even when you’re on the water.
Your kayak should enable you to go over obstacles, even if they stick out of the water.

Every kayak angler is a senior kayak angler, and deserves to be respected.

Senior Kayak Angler

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  1. great blog! I found no such source of information anywhere on the Web. You guys helped me understand the nature of my back problems, and find a solution!!

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