Motorizing your kayak matters

S4 kayak powered by an outboard motor and an electric trolling motor

This is just a reminder that fishing from a kayak that’s purely on a human powered mode is not the safest idea for elderly anglers who fish in large size bodies of water, such as big rivers and big lakes, and in the ocean.

Simply, weather and water conditions can change quickly, and may make it hard or even impossible to return to the starting point of one’s fishing trip, and this is a matter of safety, which should not be taken lightly.

On top of this, kayak fishing is about spending time outdoors, in a natural setting, and about seeing the world, and as you grow older, paddling and pedaling become increasingly limited in terms of one’s range of travel and exploration. There is always more to see and more places to fish in than you could reach just by paddling, or activating a pedal drive. And this is where motorized kayaks make even more sense.

You can motorize your kayak with an electric trolling motor, or with a small, lightweight yet powerful outboard gas motor. But not all kayaks work well with an electric motor, and only a couple of models work well with an outboard motor, and by this we mean the Wavewalk 700 and Wavewalk S4.

In sum, if you’re interested to learn more about this subject, go to Wavewalk’s website, and read the article about motor kayaks »



Author: senior kayak angler

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