Retired kayak fishreman combines business and pleasure

Gene retired several years ago in Palm Coast, Florida, and after fishing out of a Wavewalk 500 kayak for a couple of years he became a local dealer for his favorite product. He named his small business High and Dry Kayaks because unlike other kayak designs, this kayak offers him a comfortable and dry fishing experience. Comfort is of essence to Gene because like many other people his age, he suffers from back problems that prevent him from fishing out of other kayaks.
Fishing is Gene’s passion, which is why he enjoys demonstrating the kayak to his clients, and outfitting it on demand.
Gene fishes mostly in shallow water, and his favorite fish species is Redfish (red drum). He fishes either by himself or in the company of other kayak anglers. One of them is Dave Hernandez, who shot this action video showing Gene catching a chunky redfish during their fishing trip in St. Augustine:

About senior kayak angler

Yakking, fishing and paddling - what could be better?
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