The Future Of Kayak Fishing Is Not As An Extreme Sport

For most anglers, kayak fishing is an extreme sport. Extreme in the sense that an angler fishing from a kayak is compelled to give up the two essential things that any regular fishing motorboat provides, which are adequate stability and elementary comfort. The third requirement, storage space is important as well, but less than the first ‘must have’ two. Indeed, fishing kayaks are not stable enough, and they are extremely uncomfortable, when compared to regular size boats. As for storage in fishing kayaks, the situation is as dire as it is with regards to stability and ergonomics.

The Promise vs. Reality

Kayak fishing promised a cheaper, hassle free, low maintenance, lightweight, car top form of fishing craft, and a direct, sporty experience. However, today, out of tens of millions of Americans who fish from boats, merely one in every thousand fishes from a kayak, and this is after a decade of promises that ‘kayak fishing is the fastest growing outdoors sport’, etc.  The bulk of US anglers have followed neither the kayak fishing pioneers nor the fishing kayak manufacturers’ hype, and since growth in kayak fishing participation is no longer as fast as it had been several years ago, it is safe to say that the US kayak fishing market has matured. This is partly a result of decreasing enthusiasm from new participants, as well as a high dropout rate that has been typical to this sport since its early beginnings.

Yes, but…

But kayak fishing feels extremely uncomfortable only if you’re fishing from the old fashion, sit-on-top (SOT) kayaks and sit-in kayaks. In contrast, when you fish from a W kayak, you experience a level of comfort that’s equivalent to that of fishing from a regular size boat, and some W fans would argue that you feel even better.

When stability is concerned, the level of stability an angler experiences while fishing from a W500 kayak is on par with what they’d feel fishing in a regular size fishing boat, in the sense that they are not required to constantly address the issue of balancing, and they can fish standing up with ease, comfort and confidence that are outside the world of fishing kayaks.

The W500 is the only kayak offering storage space that’s dry and accessible any time, and as much as any kayak angler may need, even if their fishing trip includes camping, and therefore carrying on board numerous and bulky items that so far only canoes and regular size boats could carry.

The Future Of Kayak Fishing

This is to say that kayak fishing has a future, and a bright one, but not as the extreme sport it’s been for most kayak anglers so far. The future of kayak fishing as a broad base sport and leisure activity depends on the participation of regular people, who care about their personal comfort, and demand a performance level in stability and storage that is not sub-minimal.  In other words, the future of kayak fishing is W kayak fishing.

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2 thoughts on “The Future Of Kayak Fishing Is Not As An Extreme Sport”

  1. Been hooked on Kayak fishing since ’97 when a friend and I modified an old lifeguards’ sit-on-top rescue ski with a rod holder and not much else. No storage space at all – rods got lashed to the side carry straps, tackle and bait went in a pouch…
    Things have changed since then, kayaking remains my favourite way to fish. (Good exercise too!)
    The W500 kayak has an unusual design – plenty of space and that all important comfort factor. But I wonder how well it would do in some of the very difficult surf launches we have to negotiate locally.

  2. Mike,
    The W is easier to launch in the surf due to a number of unique features:
    First, you can launch it while paddling from the rear of the cockpit, instead of the middle, which is the normal place. By paddling from the rear you lower the W’s stern and lift its bow, thus making it easy to hop on the incoming waves instead of piercing through them, like other kayak require. It’s not only easier, but it’s also drier…
    Senior paddlers and anglers often find it hard to launch in the surf, but not if they launch a W kayak.
    BTW, the same it true for kids:


    Another advantage the W kayak offers in the surf, is the option to cover the cockpit, and thus prevent any spray from getting in. We don’t want corrosive saltwater on our precious tackle, don’t we? 😉
    See here:

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