Painless Kayak Fishing Now Availble On Senior Kayak Angler Magazine

This Magazine, Senior Kayak Angler, just got a huge boost in the form of dozens of republished quality articles from a leading source on kayaking back pain and other injuries, the blog named Painless Kayak Fishing.

This is a wonderful opportunity to expose all this top quality editorial material to our readers, and hopefully attract more visitors who are interested in avoiding pain and discomfort associated with kayak fishing, especially at an older age.

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2 thoughts on “Painless Kayak Fishing Now Availble On Senior Kayak Angler Magazine”

  1. I’d like to ask you what do you mean exactly by SENIOR ? It this blog for just for old geezers like myself ??

  2. billiyb,
    Here’s what the dictionary says about the word senior:
    ▸with a high rank or position
    ▸with a rank or position that is higher than someone else’s
    ▸involving old people

    This blog is about and for people who won’t put up with the kind of experience that other people are willing to accept as “Kayak Fishing”, be it because they are more experienced with kayak fishing, and therefore have a clearer vision and even a disillusioned one, or because they are the kind of people who are always looking for the best gear and solutions. Such attitude can be related to a person’s character and often to their age as well, and experience is often associated with age too. The older you get the more cautious you become, and the less gullible, and you tend to seek more information about things that you’re interested in, and not get carried away. In the case of kayak fishing, the web is literally flooded with disinformation, both about the sport itself, as well as about the kayaks offered for practicing it, and we hope this blog will help correct this trend, and provide some insight for people who take themselves seriously, and this is our definition of Senior.

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