That Fishing Yak Ain’t Good For You

Could it be that you’ve been fishing from the wrong kayak?
Statistically, the near certain answer is ‘Indeed, You Have Been Fishing From The Wrong Kayak, As Most Anglers Do!’
How is this possible? Well, most kayak anglers still use sit-in and SOT fishing kayaks, and only a minority of kayak anglers have already found out about W kayaks, and consequently switched to using them.

How can you tell if your fishing kayak is bad for you?
That’s pretty easy: You just need to think about how your back feels after about one hour of paddling and fishing.
If what you feel is discomfort and a strong urge to get up and stretch your legs, walk on shore, do some physical exercise, and relax your back and your shoulders, it won’t be long before your back starts feeling sore, as it often happens to kayakers and anglers who use sit-in and SOT kayaks. This happens because these outdated kayaks force you to sit in the L position, and they don’t offer you real alternatives for this unhealthy position.
It doesn’t change much if you’re paddling your kayak, or using a pedal drive. Actually, a pedal drive demands from your legs to push your lower back harder against your seat’s backrest.
What a sore back simply means is STOP USING THIS KAYAK, AND GO GET A SUITABLE ONE.
Why? Because if you continue using this kayak for paddling and fishing, you’d be risking back injury. This can be sciatica, and even a herniated disk. Mild, severe, or permanent spine damage, kayak fishing isn’t worth it, and the older you are, the longer it will take you to recover, and the smaller your chances are to recover.

Consulting about these things with a primary care physician, and especially with a spine specialist is always a good idea.

Another point to think about that too few few kayak anglers are aware of, is that paddling and pedaling kayaks while suffering from back pain, leg pain, etc. is not safe.

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