Understanding Kayak Back Pain

With old age, many people suffer from chronic pain, usually in their joints, so they would and should rather avoid more pain, and this time in their back – as a result of paddling the wrong types of kayaks, and fishing from them.

What is pain, actually?

Can pain be useful to you?

What to do once you feel pain after being in a kayak for some time?

How to avoid back pain resulting from kayaking, and fishing from kayaks?

This new article called “What Is Kayak back Pain, and What Does It Mean For You” explains these issues, and offers some pretty good advice, which is basically: When you feel pain as a result of doing something (e.g. kayaking) – stop doing it, and don’t do it again unless you found a way to eliminate the source of pain. In other words – don’t paddle kayaks, or fish from them, if it makes your back sore, because you’ll be sorry for doing so.

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