How Sit-In and SOT Fishing Kayaks Defeat The Purpose Of Kayak Fishing

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This headline doesn’t make sense to you if you haven’t tried fishing from a sit-in or sit-on-top fishing kayak, just to find that after some time your legs feel uncomfortable, and your back hurts from sitting in the L kayak position, and you’re unable to switch to any other sitting position, while standing up is just hype that those fishing kayaks manufacturers and distributors promote, but it’s not a realistic proposition – if you intend to stay dry…
In other words, kayak fishing is meant to be an enjoyable, recreational outdoor activity (or sport), and and for many people it feels like torture, while for others it’s just so uncomfortable that they feel they can’t go on with, and eventually they switch to either a fishing boat, or a Wavewalk kayak.

Critical ergonomic problems such as those associated with sit-in and SOT fishing kayaks cannot be solved by words, and they won’t go away if ignored. Marketing hype generated by kayak manufacturers can lure people to kayak fishing, but it can’t make them keep fishing from sit-in and SOT fishing kayaks once they realize they’re facing a serious problem involving discomfort and pain that ruin their experience, and defeat the purpose of kayak fishing.

Similarly, the notion that you can stand up in one of those fishing kayaks is fallacious, simply because such kayaks don’t feature a ‘Plan B’ – something that enables you to safely and effectively regain your balance once you lose it, because you’re bound to lose it sooner or later, whether your fishing kayak is one of those over-wide models that are so hard to paddle, or one of the many kayaks equipped with some sort of outriggers (stabilizers).
Therefore, there is no fishing kayak out there enabling you to stand up confidently and safely (except W kayaks), which is why sit-in and SOT fishing kayaks effectively force you to remain seated in the notorious L position, and endure numbness and pain in your legs, butt and back.

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