Kayak Fishing and Old Age – The Comfort Factor in Fishing Kayaks

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

Here’s a new report about an elderly kayak angler from Florida who couldn’t keep fishing from any type of kayak, because he felt too uncomfortable. In other words, he felt pain – back pain, butt pain, leg pain etc.

This angler used to own a couple of fancy pedal driven fishing kayaks that boasted various ‘ergonomic solutions’, but those expensive kayaks only made him sore and miserable.
Finally he sold all his other kayaks, and got himself a W500, and since then he can go on long kayak fishing trips, and even participate in demanding kayak fishing tournaments.

The question is, how many more people are there in his situation? – Middle aged and senior kayakers and anglers, who just won’t take the physical abuse involved in paddling SOT kayaks and traditional kayaks, and fishing from them…

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