Is ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Always True in Kayak Fishing?

This article first appeared on the PAINLESS KAYAK FISHING blog.

Everyone knows the motto ‘no pain, no gain’, and most people assume it’s true for kayak fishing as well – with a twist: Kayak fishing involves spending long hours seated in the infamous L position, which tends to become literally painful after some time.
But does it really have to be so?
-Not if you get a W fishing kayak, as these new, patented watercraft don’t require their passengers to sit in the L kayaking position to begin with, and they offer a variety of other, more comfortable positions to switch between – anytime, including standing up in full confidence – that is for real, and not as some wishful thinking kayak manufacturers advertise…

So, next time you’re seated in a fishing kayak in the L position, with your own legs relentlessly pushing your lower back against your kayak seat, and causing you discomfort and pain, remember it doesn’t have to be so, and you have an alternative, finally.

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